Monday, September 23

This Blog Is Over

I was thinking about restarting this blog, but it never happened.  I may do another blog someday, but this blog is over.  Shane and I got married in May and bought a co-op in New York City earlier this year.  We've been working in the DC area and spending most weekends in New York.  Unfortunately, it leaves little time for blogging.  We've been having fun though. Thanks to everyone who checked in on it over the years. Bye!

Friday, June 7

Coming Back Soon

We have some catching up to do.

Saturday, July 21

Cactus Update - Growth Spurt

On May 12th I posted a photo of my cactus down in Florida and said it was 22 inches high from dirt to top.  We came back down to Florida again today and I measured it again and it grew an additional 8 inches.  It had a new growth on the top and a side spurt at the base.

Monday, June 18

Where In the World is Shane?

Shane is traveling again for work and he sent me these photos from his hotel window.  Does anyone know where he went?  What is this exotic locale? Where is the World is Shane?

Need to Lose Some Weight

Sunday, June 17

Video Tour of Our New Apartment

Shane took this video tour of our new apartment.  It is much smaller than our last place, but we are loving it -- especially the balcony.

Saturday, June 9

A Long Overdue Update

It has been quite a while since I made a post. I apologize if you check in on me here and are constantly disappointed with the same old thing. Here's what you missed.

We sold our house on Capital Hill and bought a 1-bedroom apartment in the Southwest Waterfront area of DC. Moving is no fun, but we did it with the help of a moving company that carried the stuff. We had to pack and unpack. We're almost completely settled. We just have some pictures to hang.

We are loving the new place. We are eight stories in the air with a balcony that we are loving. We bought a table and chairs and have been using it a lot. The place also has a gym and an indoor pool. It is like living at a resort. We have had a few issues (AC not working great at first, toilet problems, window treatments, etc), but we are sorting through them.

Also, since my last posting, my triplet nieces all graduated from college! The all got degrees on the same day (in two different ceremonies) at my Alma mater, Towson University, near Baltimore, MD. Both Shane and I went to the ceremonies and then they had a party the next day. Two are going to be teachers and one, like her Uncle Mark, got a Mass Communications degree. Congrats girls!

Kelly, Megan, and Nicki at their grad party.

Me, Megan, Shane, and Kelly after their grad ceremony.

Shane and I with Nicki after her ceremony.

Our "empty" house just before leaving.

We never counted the boxes, but there was many.

The view from our balcony.

Sunday, May 13

A Day at the Beach - Manasota Key, FL

Shane and I went to the beach today at Manasota Key, in Florida, and I took these pictures.